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Translator Schwabing Munich | Anastasia Charalambous-Becker

M.A. Anastasia Charalambous-Becker, Kaiserstr. 46, 80801 München, tel. 089 35803729, mob. 0176 26295326

Munich, 10.01.2019

M.A. Anastasia Charalambous-Becker is a translator in Schwabing Munich. The office of this translator in Schwabing Munich is located in Kaiserstr. 46 near Kurfürstenplatz only a few minutes away from Münchner Freiheit.

She offers language services for different certificates, certifications, press releases, copywriting and insurance texts. M.A. Anastasia Charalambous-Becker also accepts rush orders.

The entrepreneurs network Ellindex works with M.A. Anastasia Charalambous-Becker together since 2009 and recommends that contact to all site visitors for collaboration. Contact details such as phone number and address of the office are published above.

Information about translator in Schwabing Munich M.A. Anastasia Charalambous-Becker you can find in the entry. Make an appointment for language services near Kurfürstenplatz by phone.


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