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Greek entrepreneurs network and business contacts since 2009

Ellindex in Germany

Connecting entrepreneurs since 2009!

The Greek entrepreneurs network Ellindex in Germany and Greece was founded in Munich in 2009 and presents to you business contacts. In the Ellindex network you can get information about Greek entrepreneurs in Germany as well as companies from Greece.

This principle is remarkably easy and yet so successfuly placed. We connect entrepreneurs and promote the initiation of business-to-business (b2b) and business-to-customer (b2c) communikation and collaboration. On our website we keep you posted about current developments of our entrepreneurs network and also newsa of our network members.

The Ellindex concept was a necessary and timely initiative that has become established as a business idea and serves as a vital link for business connections. For this we place very high value on personal contact and we are aimed on practical activity. For this purpose we handle a wide range of themes that encourages the networking and strengthens the business relations.

The idea of the Greek entrepreneurs network in Germany and Greece was born in Munich in 2009 and since then we note a significant increase in interested parties from different cities. We consider the networking of the target groups as very important and present the entrepreneurs and business contacts positively.


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Thread lifting Karlsfeld | Dr. med. Petros Vlachou

Contact Dr. med. Petros Vlachou for the therad lifting in Karlsfeld and surroundings. Die practice in the health centre is located in Münchner Str. 187 and offers in addition to thread lifting in Karlsfeld and surroundings aesthetic services, such ...


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House Chania

Are you interested in a house in Chania and other cities on Crete? Don't hesitate to contact us if you want to buy real estate, a property, flat, office, shop, building or house in Chania and the surroundings. The business network Ellindex can ...


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Vehicle assessor Munich | Stefanos Sidiropoulos

We present the vehicle assessor in Munich and the surrounding area, Stefanos Sidiropoulos, in our entrepreneurs network. Contact the vehicle assessor in Munich and the surrounding area immediately in the event of an accident. The business network ...


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Greek burger Munich | Korfu bei Dimi

For the Greek burger in Munich and the surrounding area visit Korfu bei Dimi at Lerchenauer Str. 14 at the Olympic Park. Enjoy the Greek burger in Munich and the surrounding area or try Mediterranean starters, fish dishes and grilled dishes here. ...


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Tree care Taufkirchen Vils | GarteNick

Nikolaos Pavlidis specializes in tree care in Taufkirchen (Vils) and the surrounding area. Contact GarteNick for a consultation appointment related to tree care in Taufkirchen (Vils) and the surrounding area. Are you interested in ...

How do you search entrepreneurs and contacts in the business network for Germany and Greece?

The navigation for the category search on our website has been constantly extended and optimized from the start of the Greek entrepreneurs network Ellindex in Germany in 2009. To do this, we survey our network members and evaluate the search and click behavior of site visitors in recent years.

In this area we continuously carry out market and competitor analyzes and apply the concept of entrepreneur networking as early as the construction of the navigation, as well as the initiation of business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) communication and cooperation with the business contacts.

1st navigation level
In the left area you will now find the main categories. These can be individual or composite branches.

2nd navigation level
Main categories are divided into subcategories. The summary of these fields is based on the idea of ​​networking and the emergence of economic systems. For example, restaurants work with wholesalers and suppliers. A generic term in this regard is "Gastronomy & Food".

3rd navigation level
In addition this optimized search provides the option of subdividing into locations. For example in the "Legal advice" subcategory, we list all business contacts and refine the listing by searching for different cities. However, entrepreneurs offer services or products not only locally or regionally but also nationwide or internationally. For this reason, the 3rd stage is exclusively related to the location.

Autohaus in Eching

The Ellindex specialisation in the building sector

A special part of the entrepreneurial networking of the Ellindex network is realized separately in the building sector. Plumbers, electricians, tilers, floor layers, painters and other craftsmen from Germany and Greece get to know each other in the field of crafts.

These business contacts enter into cooperations for refurbishment, renovation and modernization of bathrooms, apartments, houses or buildings. The construction industry is one of the strongest branches of the economy and offers many opportunities for initiating cooperations.

The entrepreneurs network Ellindex takes an active part in the development of this business area and connects craftsmen from Germany and Greece. As part of the emergence and growth of our cooperation, we would be pleased to discuss with you the extent of support for your building project in cooperation with our business contacts.

SINCE 2009: Business network Ellindex from Munich

We live to purest and simplest form of networking and this is the communication. The Greek entrepreneurs network in Germany and Greece is based on it and this is how business relationships can be created. For that reason you don't have to hesitate to get in touch with us. Just talk to us and let us work together! Ellindex is connecting since 2009!

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