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Plumber Groebenzell Germany | Athanasios Mesimeris

Are you searching for a plumber in Groebenzell Germany near Munich? You can contact Athanasios Mesimeris and make a viewing appointment by phone for an offer with the plumber for Groebenzell Germany. The entrepreneurs network Ellindex works with ...


Contact: Athanasios Mesimeris
Eschenrieder Str. 7
85232 Bergkirchen
Bayern Deutschland
Tel.: +49 (0) 151 71912277
Tel.: +49 (0) 8131 3351059
Selected categories: Sanitary, Heating & Air Conditioning Technology
For one familiy houses, maisonettes, shops and restaurants:
- Sanitary
- Gas
- Water
- Heating
- In-floor heating
- Sewage technology
- Drain cleaning
- Service
Sanitary, plumbing, heating and gas in Munich Germany and environs (up to 50 km).

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