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Traffic psychologist Planegg | Dipl.-Psych. Georg Klarnetsis

Contact the traffic psychologist for Planegg near Munich, Dipl.-Psych. Georgios Klarnetsis, and make an appointment for an MPU preparation. In addition, the traffic psychologist for Planegg near Munich offers advice on MPU, driver's ...

Verkehrspsychologische Praxis - Fahr fit und sicher München

Contact: Dipl.-Psych. Georgios Klarnetsis
Bachbauernstr. 7
81241 München
Bayern Deutschland
Tel.: +498948920298
Tel.: +491742366202
Fax: +498948953451
E-Mail: kontakt@fahrfitundsicher.de
Web: https://www.mpu-beratung-muenchen.com
Dipl.-Psych. Georgios Klarnetsis in München.
Selected categories: Traffic psychology
Working together for your driving licence

As a longstanding experienced traffic psychologist and former MPU-examiner, I offer you consultations and assistance with the following:
- Psychological counselling and preparation for the MPU (Medical-Psychological Examination)
- Traffic psychological counselling within the scope of the Fitness to Drive Seminar (FES) with a point reduction
- Psychological counselling during your probational period to help you avoid accruing traffic penalty points in the Fitness To Drive Register (FAER) at Flensburg and having to go afterwards to the MPU
- Shortening the suspension period of your driving license

Do you value your mobility and freedom? Would you like to regain your mobility and freedom and put your driving license problems behind you?

Then you have come to the right place! With my support, you will be well prepared to pass the MPU. You will learn everything that is important for your specific situation. You can trust in my specialized competence, dependability, and cost transparency; rest assured that you will be treated fairly. As an experienced traffic psychologist and former MPU examiner, my committed approach to consulting will help you to secure your driving license and retain it in the future.

Professional MPU Preparation with a Free Initial Consultation

You can learn more about the process of the medical and psychological examination in a free MPU information session. You will learn how MPU examiners think and evaluate as well as how you can prepare for the MPU. You will receive information regarding the required medical proof of abstinence from alcohol or drugs. Alternately, if you are not able to come to one of these information sessions, you can book a 30-minute individual consultation with me. This meeting can take place either in person or over the phone. To make an appointment for an individual consultation, please call or send me an email.

Furthermore we can discuss your chances of passing the MPU by means of a complete MPU check and I will offer you the opportunity to complete an effective MPU preparation course. You have the option to do this in either a series of individual consultation sessions or in a group course.

The MPU preparation course includes the following:
- Pocessing the reasons leading up to your problems with your driving license
- Developing viable and stable changes in the manner in which you go about solving problems
- Devising ways to prevent problems from occurring in the future with your driving license

You can find out more about upcoming information sessions as well as the content, process and costs associated with my qualified MPU consultation and MPU preparation on my website. My website also provides more information about the courses that I offer to help shorten the suspension period of your driving license.

Driving License Point Reduction Through the Fitness to Drive Workshop (FES)

The reduction of traffic points in Flensburg is a sensible way to keep your driving license in the event that you have accrued one to five points on your driving license. According to law § 4 Abs. 9 StVG, you can participate in a Fitness to Drive Workshop in order to learn how to avoid risky behaviour when driving and how to prevent further points from accruing on your driving license in Flensburg. At the end of this workshop, you will receive a certificate of participation. If you bring this certificate to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, you will be eligible to reduce the points you have accrued by one point. My website provides extensive information about the Fitness to Drive Workshop as well as other traffic psychological course modules that I offer.

Your traffic psychologist Dipl.-Psych. Georg Klarnetsis

As an experienced traffic psychologist, former MPU examiner (from 1995 to 2001), traffic psychological consultant (since 1999) and general psychotherapist (since 2003), I have 17 years of experience offering individual consultations and leading MPU preparation courses to help my clients reduce their traffic points in Flensburg as well as shorten their driving license suspension periods. With all of this experience, I am able to greatly help my clients.

Please call me at 089-48920298 or send me an email to tell me about your driving license needs. I am more than happy to answer your questions in a professionally competent and clear manner.


Georg Klarnetsis

Accredited psychologist
Traffic psychologist registered with the Professional Association of German Psychologists (BDP)
Officially recognized traffic psychologist consultant according to law § 71 FeV

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