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Greek physiotherapist Dachau Germany | P. Kazakidis

P. Kazakidis is a Greek physiotherapist in Dachau Germany near Munich. Make your appointment for treatment with the Greek physiotherapist in Dachau in the Praxis für Physiotherapie am Sonnenwinkel. The services cover, for example, classic massage, ...

Praxis für Physiotherapie am Sonnenwinkel

Contact: Pandeleimon Kazakidis, Melpomeni Stefanidou
Wallbergstr. 1
85221 Dachau
Bayern Deutschland
Tel.: 08131 667312
Fax: 08131 665966
Physiotherapie in Dachau
Selected categories: Physiotherapy
- Physiotherapy (individually and in groups)
- Classic massage
- Deep tissue massage
- Manual lymph drainage
- Fango
- Hot air
- Application of ice
- Traction treatments
- Electrotherapy
- Ultrasound
- Foot reflexology
- Exercise therapy
- Pregnancy gymnastics
- Home visits
Practice for physiotherapy in Dachau near Munich
- Certified physiotherapists, masseurs and medical bath attendants
- Acceptance of all health insurances

Opening times
Monday-Thursday: 8:30-13:00 and 15:00-19:00
Friday: 8:30-15:00

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