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Psychological psychotherapist Schwabing Munich | Dr. Konstantinos Symeonidis

Psychological psychotherapist in Schwabing Munich? The entrepreneurs and doctors network Ellindex recommends Dr. Konstantinos Symeonidis. Make your consultation appointment with the psychological psychotherapist in Schwabing Munich by phone. The ...

Psychologischer Psychotherapeut (ψυχολόγος ψυχοθεραπευτής)

Contact: Dr. Konstantinos Symeonidis
Ainmillerstr. 7
80801 München
Bayern Deutschland
Tel.: 089 18912276
Tel.: 0152 37622832
Selected categories: Psychiatry, Psychology & Psychotherapy
Dr. Konstantinos Symeonidis
Psychological psychotherapist in Munich Germany

- Trauma therapy
- Behavioural therapy
- Obsessive-compulsive disorders

Appointment upon agreement on the phone!

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